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An invitation into.....The Space

The space that has a sacred function, to break the connection with the outside world, to become an oasis of conducive harmony and openness, away from the city din.
The space where I can meet YOU into the unity of the surroundings, simply and naturally,...and yet safe and neutral... allowing the kind of deep intimacy of communication.
The space where I communicate with YOU through the invisible language of energies, with movements and gestures, as an expression of my inner spirit, remaining true to the ethos of my medicine.

Oriental Medicine

It is a challenging to know where to begin explaining Oriental Medicine because we, as practitioners, are looking at the multidimensional dynamic at play within the body, that is not linear, nor is it confined to one layer.

Where do Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine diagnoses align? Where do they differ?

The practitioners in both medicines (Eastern and Western Medicine) engage in listening to the patient's presentation and medical history, perform a physical examination, provide advice and prescribe appropriate course of treatment. Same patient, same signs and symptoms, but very different ways of organizing the information.